River Haven Vicksburg

For Families + Friends

Why River Haven? There is a need for community. Parenting can be so challenging, but yet so rewarding. At River Haven, families have a safe, clean indoor area where new friends can be made or old friendships can be strengthened. Our space is designed for children from birth through 9 years old. There are separate areas for birth through 5 and 5 through 9 year olds.

River Haven offers Open Play sessions, various Loved One and Me Classes, Birthday Parties, and classes for parents as well. Learn more about the Loved One and Me Classes under the classes section.

Our Team

Emily Hendrix


After teaching elementary school for 5 years and staying at home for 3 years, Emily is excited to put her Elementary Education and Community Development background to use for more kids in Vicksburg!

Corley Woodson​

Art Teacher

Kati Payne

Art & Movement Teacher

Rachel Storey

Music Teacher